Friday Five – New to me Authors

Here are five authors I’ve discovered in the last year or so. I know some of them have been around a while and I’m behind the rest of the world, but in case you haven’t found them…here you go. You’re welcome!HypnotistsLoveStoryAUS

  1. Liane Moriarty (adult) – I’ve read four of her books, and I think The Hypnotist’s Love Story is pretty much a perfect book. And unlike her others, it’s not quite so dark. All the others I checked out from the library, but I got this one for Christmas and as soon as I was done reading it, I wanted to read it again, so I’m happy to own it!Jacky
  2. L. A. Meyer (YA) – I’m working my way through the Jacky Faber books, which quite honestly, I didn’t think would interest me at all. I got two pleasant surprises. The first was that I LOVED the first book so much I couldn’t wait to try the rest, and the second was that we have the same editor! I didn’t even know this until I noticed one of the books is dedicated to the lovely and brilliant Karen Grove at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. So far, In the Belly of the Bloodhound is my favourite, but you have to read the ones before it to get to it. I’m pacing myself so I don’t run out. tiny
  3. Beatriz Williams (adult) – Someone on Twitter recommended her book The Secret Life of Violet Grant when I asked for “episodic” stories. I loved it so much that I devoured A Hundred Summers. I’m not such a fan of that book, but the second in the Schuyler sister trilogy, Tiny Little Thing, blew me away. Also, it has a stunning cover. I’m currently reading the third, Along the Infinite Sea.
  4. Stacey Lee (YA) – She’s got a contemporary YA coming out this year, but it was her book Under A Painted Sky that caught my attention. under a painted
  5. Karin Akins (YA) – I think time travel’s a hard sell at all times for me (and lots of other people), but her books Loop and Twist really work for me. I couldn’t wait for the library to get Twist, so I bought it. Now I’ll have to buy Loop to complete this duology because I’m pretty sure I’ll want to read it again. twistOther writers have decided to join me posting their lists of five on Fridays. Check out Alexa Barry’s Friday Five. If you’re doing it too, leave a link in the comments. Next week’s theme is “Five Authors I Love That You Might Not Know About” if you want to play along.

2 thoughts on “Friday Five – New to me Authors”

  1. Yay! I love Liane Moriarty so much, glad you do too. Did you see she has a new one out this summer Truly, Madly, Guilty.
    I must read Under a Painted Sky it sounds wonderful.
    Happy Friday J!

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