Friday 5 – Five people I’d love to meet

This is total fantasy day here at the blog. Here’s a list of five people I’d like to meet and why.

  1. Meg Cabot – do I really have to say why? I mean, she’s just the coolest, sweetest, most cheerful person on the web and she wrote The Mediator series.Megcabot-signing
  2. Dolly Parton – not only a fantastic songwriter and performer, but she loves books. Did you know she has a wonderful literacy charity to put books in kids’ hands? I’d love to talk to her about extending it to include YA. Dolly-Parton-Pure-Simple-Tour-2016
  3. Judi Dench – only the most fabulous actor in the world. I wrote her a fan letter and she sent me a lovely letter back. I’m not embarrassed to admit it either because do you have a letter from Judi?
  4. Jay Leno – not only did he inspire part of Speed of Life by talking about the automotive restoration program at McPherson college (my main character wants to go there), but I’d love to just talk cars with him! And see his awesome collection.1963 Jaguar XKE
  5. My agent, Michael Bourret! I know…What? He’s been your agent for more than eight years and you’ve never met him? Nope! But someday our paths will cross.

Other writers have decided to join me posting their lists of five on Fridays. Check out Alexa Barry’s Friday Five. If you are doing your own Friday Five, feel free to leave a link in the comments.