Friday 5 – five things I do besides writing

Cooking – I love to cook. If you follow me on Twitter, you might think I get tired of it around dinner time, but honestly, it’s a great release and uses a different part of my brain from writing.

0013_24Ae1024Walking – I do this every morning with or without my husband who is part cat and not that fond of walking in the rain. Not that I love it, but I’d rather get a bit wet than give up my walk.

Baseball – Nope…I don’t play, but I listen to it on internet radio. I’m a huge Cubs fan and this is our year!

Nothing – This is an art I’ve cultivated and is not a natural state for me. But trust me, it’s worth learning how to do if you’re one of those busy people who never seem to stop.

Building miniatures – I’ve built one of the room that my characters live in in Speed of Life. I’ll be sharing that later on the blog. They’re a lot of fun to build! If you want to see one, here’s a video of the miniature for my writing cabin before it was built.

Other writers have decided to join me posting their lists of five on Fridays. Check out Alexa Barry’s Friday Five. If you are doing your own Friday Five, feel free to leave a link in the comments.

One thought on “Friday 5 – five things I do besides writing”

  1. Building miniatures sounds really fun! We might make it a summer project.

    Ha, I think I’m part cat too, that’s why it’s good to have Flynn I have to go out no matter what the weather 🙂

    Happy Friday!

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