Friday 5 – places I want to set a book

  1. London – I’d love to camp out there for a month or so to get the feel for the place. Anyone wanting to finance that, just drop me a line. London
  2. A road trip across Canada – either by train or car.
  3. Italia – notice I called it Italia, not just plain Italy. I know there’s a book inside me wanting to be set there…preferably a tiny little town in Tuscany.
  4. Chicago – yep, it will have something to do with the Cubs. 480x200_wrigley_field
  5. My island – so far I haven’t set anything here, but every time I leave the writing cabin (not as often as I probably should), I’m reminded of what a neat place it would be to set a book. This will definitely happen!

Other writers have decided to join me posting their lists of five on Fridays. Check out Alexa Barry’s Friday Five. If you are doing your own Friday Five, feel free to leave a link in the comments.

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