News Flash

beachThis week’s breaking news is…I’m on vacation! After finishing what I hope will be my next YA, I’m ready for a break, so while it’s in the agent’s hands, I’ll be lounging around for a week. Of course, it will be around the wood stove, not the Mexican beach, but I’ll take it.

I’ll also take suggestions for something more creative than News Flash to call this Wednesday news update, and recommendations for books I should be reading while I’m lounging are always welcome.

Kick-off Your Week Writing Prompt

air freshenerI thought it would be fun to kick off each week with a writing prompt. Whether you’re a professional writer, an aspiring one, or a dabbler, why not join in? Every month I’ll pick a random winner from the comments I collect. The prize won’t be a trip to Disneyland or a new car, probably more like a bar of chocolate or possibly a new-car air freshener, but hey, having written a story you weren’t planning to write should actually be reward enough, right?

Stories shorter than 200 words can be left in the comments section. Longer than that, please just leave a comment saying you participated and I’ll put you in the monthly drawing, too.

Most importantly, have fun!

Today’s prompt: On the first day of the month, Kaitlyn reached into the adventure jar and pulled out a blue slip of paper…blue always meant something to do with water…she unfolded it, the paper damp in her fingers.

Welcome To My New Website

Speed of Life jkt Hi ResHi Everyone,

Thanks for stopping by. I’m very excited to be launching my new site and I hope you’ll come back to check out the fun I plan to have here. I’ll be starting out each week with a writing prompt, just to get the juices flowing. You can participate either by playing at home alone, or leaving a short story in the comments. There will be more info on that next Monday.

And on Wednesdays, it’ll be time for the news. I’ll include anything exciting happening with my new book, Speed of Life, but also news about my other friends and their books and appearances.

I’m planning to wrap up the week with a Friday Five post. Each week, I’ll share five things…you know, important stuff, like my five favourite Friday snacks, or five reads you don’t want to miss. Sometimes I’ll be asking five questions of other authors, too so you can learn all their secrets!

That’s it for now, but thank you for being part of my website launch. I’m glad you’re here!